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Star anise is called Chinese star anise because its scent is reminiscent of. Star anise has an aniseed and liquor ice flavor and is often used with chicken, pork and fish in China, where it originates. It has a sweet, pungent aroma that is also excellent in fruit mixes and jams or fruit preserves. More

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Star anise is a popular spice used in Indian, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. It is also a popular spice in Vietnam. These seeds have a strong taste similar to aniseed. It is used in pilau rice and to complement any meaty dish, especially chicken. It has a mild anise-like aroma and a spicy-sweet taste. Star anise is part of the traditional Chinese spice of five scents. In the Czech Republic, it is used in liquor, perfumery and the food industry. It can be used in gingerbread, biscuits, to flavour teas, mulled wines and has many other uses.