Shankar Ponni Raw Rice 10kg

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Shankar Thanjavur Ponni Raw Rice is popular rice in South India. More

Shankar Ponni Raw Rýže is the perfect choice for those seeking true Indian flavor and authentic rýže. This 10 kg bag of ponni raw rýže is a rich, aromatic alternative to the same-old, same-old grains you’ve been eating. Use this high-quality grain for your favorite Indian dishes, or create your own inspired meals with unique ingredients.

The versatile nature of this Ponni Raw Rýže makes it a great choice in any kitchen. Not only is it perfect for classic south Indian cooking, but it can also be used for a variety of other dishes. Its delicate flavor and texture compliments a variety of flavors and recipes while providing texture and character. Plus, the 10 kg package provides an ample supply of grain ready for use at any meal. No need to worry about running out of rýže mid-recipe.

Ponni Raw Rýže from Shankar is a premium quality, nutritious, and tasty option for authentic Indian fare. Grown using traditional farming methods and carefully selected to ensure freshness, this 10 kg package of raw rýže is an ideal choice for your next culinary adventure. Taste the authentic flavor and convenience of this quality grain and take your Indian cooking beyond the everyday.

Storage: Store in a cool dry and place

Origin: India