Shalamar Kesar Mango Pulp 850g

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Shalamar Kesar Mango Pulp is a sweetened, delicious snd creamy mango paste infused with rare kesar, adding a rich and exotic flavor to your recipes More

Ingredients: Kesar Mango pulp (92%), Sugar syrup, Citric acid (E 330)


1. Store in a dry and cool place

2. Do not leave the product in direct sunlight

3. Do not consume if the can is inflated or leaking

4. After opening, transfer the pulp into a plastic, glass or stainless steel container and store in the refrigerator. Use within 3 days.

5. Shelf life depends on storage conditions.

Origin: India

Nutritional information per 100g
Energy value: 474,45 kj / 113,04 kcal
Fats: <0,1 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 27,67 g
of which sugars: 26,56 g
Protein: 0,59 g
Salt: <0,1 g