Mehnat Sona Masoori Rice 5kg

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Sona Masuri is the unpolished rice and hence is more nutritious. More

Mehnat Sona Masoori Rice is the perfect solution for the Indian food lover looking for the quality, quantity, and convenience they require in their kitchen. This top-notch Indian rice is renowned for its fragrant, nutty, and light flavor. It cooks quickly and has a great texture, making it a go-to item for any home chef. Our 5kg pack of Masoori Rice ensures that you have plenty of the delicious grains to store away for all your favorite Indian dishes. Perfectly sourced from India, you can be sure it was grown with care and attention. No more spending on unhealthy snacks – enjoy the delicious rice and feel the benefit of healthy nutrition that’s full of flavor.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

Origin: India