Mehnat Idli Rice 5kg

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Mehnat Idli Rice is the perfect solution for Indian food lovers looking for quality, quantity, and convenience. This 5 kg bag of Basmati rice from India offers an unbeatable combination of authentic flavor and convenient cooking. Crafted from select grains of the finest quality Basmati rice, Mehnat Idli Rice is aged to perfection to bring out its natural nutty taste and irresistible aroma.

The unique length and texture of the grains results in perfectly cooked, fluffy rice that can be served with any of your favorite dishes. Mehnat Idli Rice is perfect for making fried rice, pulav, biryani and so much more. From traditional family gatherings to quick weeknight dinners, Mehnat Idli Rice is sure to satisfy readers' every need. Plus, the 5 kg bag provides the perfect quantity for those large group events.

Mehnat Idli Rice is guaranteed to deliver the highest quality and most delicious Basmati rice every time. For those searching for value, benefit from the lack of added preservatives as well as the convenient and simple steaming, cooking, and storage options. Choose Mehnat Idli Rice and enjoy delicious meals with quality, quantity, and convenience.

Ingredients: Idli rice