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Lal Qila Majestic Basmati Rice adds nourishment to every dish and makes each meal a royal Feast More

Introducing LAL QILLA Extra Long Basmati Rice! Our Ponni rice is perfect for all your favorite Indian dishes. From fragrant biryani to flavorful curries, you can rely on our high-quality raw rice for superior results. In fact, we’ve specially selected the finest ponni variety known to determine only the best rice for our LAL QILLA range. Not limited to South India, ponni is gluten-free and a key ingredient in some of the nation’s best-loved dishes.

Simple and hassle-free to use, our Extra Long Basmati Riice is soaked for 12 hours and then steamed. This process preserves the delightful nutty flavor and enjoyable taste. With its unique long grain, the roasted rice ingredients ensure you can enjoy its light nutty aroma and taste every time.

For customers who favor authentic Indian cooking but only have access to the convenience of cooked rice, our ponni raw rice is the ideal choice. Ready to cook in a jiffy, dinner can be prepared in moments, so you can enjoy an exquisite meal with friends and family. Thanks to our innovative method of steaming and processing, you can prepare the best possible restaurant quality food in a fraction of the time.

A quality assured product, LAL QILLA Extra Long Basmati Rice is sure to have your mouth watering with every delectable bite. Step up and experience the joy of Indian cooking with our special ponni raw rice. Try it today!