Heera White Pepper Powder 100g

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Heera White Pepper Powder is finely ground white pepper that adds a delicate and slightly spicy flavor to your dishes. More

Enjoy the versatile spice of Heera White Pepper Powder in your own kitchen. This pouch contains 100g of high quality white pepper powder, with an intense flavor that will add a burst of heat to any meal. Whether you’re looking to make a traditional dish or experiment with something new, Heera White Pepper Powder is perfect for all types of Indian cooking. With its mild yet persistent heat, you’ll find just the right amount of spice to personalize your own signature dishes. Great for soups, curries, rice, and more, enjoy the convenience of having authentic Indian flavor at your fingertips. Try Heera White Pepper Powder for the highest quality and quantity on the market.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from strong flavour

Origin: Indie