Heera Thick Rice Flakes 1kg

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Heera Rice Flakes - Thick . Rice that has been parboiled and then rolled, flattened, and dried to produce flakes. More

Heera Rice Flakes bring traditional flavor and high quality to your table with ease. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast or to add a unique crunch to your dish, you’ll be sure to love Heera Rice Flakes.

Our rice flakes are made from the finest and freshest ingredients, and are carefully processed to maintain their natural flavors. With HEERA Rice Flakes, you can trust that you’re getting the quality you deserve. Plus, their convenient packaging and consistent size make it quick and easy to use them in any dish.

The unique texture of our rice flakes are sure to delight you. They’re the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy, and they create a delectable addition to a variety of recipes. The best part is that their natural flavor won’t overpower your dish – HEERA Rice Flakes make a delightful addition that truly enhances the flavor.

These rice flakes are also a great option for anyone looking to add healthy proteins and carbohydrates to their meals. They’re free of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors, making them a great choice for healthy eating. Whether you’re a vegetarian looking to add more high-quality plant-based protein to your meal, or just someone looking for a nutritious and convenient way to elevate your dishes, adding Heera Rice Flakes is the perfect choice.

So if you’re passionate about experiencing authentic and flavorful Indian cuisine, while also getting the convenience that modern food products provide, Heera Rice Flakes are the perfect solution. Try them today – you won’t be disappointed.

Storage: Store in a cool & dry place

Origin: India