Heera Puffed Rice (Mamra) 200g

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Heera Mamra dry roasting white rice yields puffed rice. More

Heera Puffed Rice (Mamra) 200g is a delicious puffed rice that can be used as a healthy snack or as part of a mouth-watering dish. This premium product is not only a great source of nutrition but also provides the convenience of a delicious snack all in one package. Heera Puffed Rice (Mamra) 200g is made from top quality ingredients and free of preservatives, additives, and artificial flavors. It is a great choice for Indian food lovers seeking quality, quantity, and convenience. The taste is heavenly and the texture is light - you won't be able to get enough of it! Enjoy it as a snack or as part of a meal, and experience the deliciousness that Heera Puffed Rice (Mamra) 200g has to offer.

Storage: Store in a cool dry 

Origin: India