Heera Garam Masala Whole 100g

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Heera Garam Masala Whole is an essential part of every Indian cuisine lover's kitchen. This blend of selected whole spices brings an authentic and rich taste to your dishes. More

Introducing Heera's Garam Masala whole, the perfect way to bring authentic Indian cuisine to your kitchen. Made with the freshest and finest natural ingredients, this spice blend is sure to take your favorite recipes to the next level. Expertly crafted, its unique blend of spices adds flavorful depth to any dish. With a generous quantity of four ounces per jar, it's sure to last you through many cooking sessions. Best of all, each package is conveniently sealed, ensuring that all of its flavor and aroma remain intact up until you’re ready to use it. Start using Heera’s Garam Masala whole for unbeatable flavor and convenience in your kitchen.

Ingredients: coriander, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cumin, fennel, black pepper, chili, cardamom, star anise, bay leaf, sunflower oil, and nutmeg

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from strong flavour

Origin: India