Haldiram's Hara Chiwda Mix 200g

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Sweet and Spicy Blend of rice flakes, nuts and Raisins More

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Cotton, Seed, Corn and Palm) (In Variable Proportion), Rice Flakes (24%), Chickpeas Flour (16%), Peanuts (8%) Cashews (6%), Raisins (6%), Sugar Powder, Mix Spices (2,84%), (Turmeric Powder (0,63 %), Mango Powder (0,60%), Cinnamon Powder (0,46%), Cumin Powder (0,35%), Ginger Powder (0,30%), Black Pepper Powder (0,20%), Clove Powder (0,15%), Cardamon Powder (0,15%), Salt, Spinach, Starch (Sago), Sesame Seeds, Curry Leaves, Coconut, Fenne and Acid E330