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Dabur Amla Hair Oil combienes the goodness of Amla fruit (Indian Gooseberry) with a blend of vegetable and mineral oils to promote long, healthy hair. Regular application can assist in reducing split ends and minor hair loss. Dabur Amla Hair oil has been the secret of beautiful hair in India and around the world for over 50 years.

Ingredients: Parafinum Liquidum, Oil of Gossypium herbaceum, Emmblica officinalis, Oil of Arachis hypogaea, Oil of Sesamum indicum, Parfum, Lawsonia alba, Hibiscus rosasinensis, Polygonanum aviculara, Permelia parlata, Arnica Montana, Aloe Barbadensis, Bacopa monnieri, Butolulated, Butylated Oil of Prunus amygdalus, Vetiveria zizanioides, Eclipta alba, Color: Cos Oil Red, Cos Oil Gree (CI 47000, CI 61565, CI 26100)

How to Use:  For best results, apply 1 to 2 teaspoons (up to 10 ml) of Dabur Amla Hair Oil into the hair and leave for sometime (ideally 1 hour). Then apply a good shampoo Massage the shampoo well into the hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. For best results apply Dabur Amla Hair Oil three times a week. Regular of prolonged use of Dabur Amla Hair Oil on light coloured hair may result in some darkening of the natural hair colour.