Daawat Basmati Rice 5kg

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Introducing DAAWAT Basmati Rice - India’s premium basmati rice brand. As one of the best Indian brands, we have produced the purest and tastiest basmati rice, crafted with the utmost precision and care. Our rice is cultivated in the country’s best regions and is processed in our state-of-the-art facility for an impeccable finish.

At DAAWAT, Basmati Rice upholds its leading position in the market with its unique flavour and aroma. The long grain gives a delicious nutty taste and its smooth texture works its magic on the plate. With zero maida, additives or preservatives, DAAWAT Basmati Rice upholds its promise of providing an unmatched quality that is both rich in taste and free from impurities. Enjoy the fragrant Basmati Rice with your curries, biryani or pulao and tantalize your taste buds with the heavenly flavour.

Cooking Basmati Rice from DAAWAT is an effortless affair. Simply rinse, soak and cook for a few minutes for perfectly flavoured Basmati Rice. You can even steam and half-cook the Basmati Rice for a shorter cooking time with an even better taste. Packed in a convenient pouch, our Basmati Rice will provide you with quantity, quality and convenience.

For Indian food lovers who appreciate quality, quantity and convenience, DAAWAT Basmati Rice is the ideal choice. Enjoy the delicious taste of our Basmati Rice today!

Storage: Store in a cool & dry place

Origin: India