Barkat Super Basmati Rice - Package: 10kg

799 Kč


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Barkat Gold Super Basmati Rice is Rich Aromatic More

Experience the great taste and texture of BARKAT Super Basmati Rice! A great addition to any Indian meal, this basmati rice is sourced directly from Pakistan to bring you the highest quality product available. With its long, subtly fragrant grains and smooth texture, BARKAT is sure to become an essential for your Indian kitchen.

The combination of convenience, quality, and quantity that comes with BARKAT Super Basmati Rice is unparalleled. Cooked in minutes, you can have this tasty rice ready in no time. And with an impressive 10-kilogram bag, you can stock up and serve guests without worry.

Make every Indian meal something special with BARKAT Super Basmati Rice. Our product is sourced from the highest quality farms in Pakistan to ensure you're always getting the freshest and best tasting rice available. Enjoy the long, subtly fragrant grains and smooth texture in all of your dishes, and indulge in the rich taste and texture of BARKAT Super Basmati Rice.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Origin: Pakistan