Barkat Basmati Steam Rice Extra Long

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Barkat Gold XXXL Basmati Steam Biryani Rice Extra Long Grain. More

Introducing Barkat Basmati Steam Rice Extra Long! This delicious basmati rice from Pakistan is perfect for creating a delicious, aromatic dish for any occasion. The extra long grain ensures that there are no broken or mashed grains for a more flavorful, delicious meal. The steam processing keeps the texture firm and fluffy while at the same time preserving most of the natural nutrients.

This Basmati rice is 100% natural, with no preservatives or additives, making it a healthy option for busy individuals looking to fuel their bodies with goodness. Whether you’re cooking for the whole family or just yourself, Barkat Basmati Steam Rice Extra Long goes a long way – you’ll benefit from the quantity and quality of this rice all in one convenient package. With its robust flavor, this steam rice is sure to make any dish more enjoyable. And you can trust it to turn out delicious every time! Perfect for Indian food lovers seeking convenience and quality, Barkat Basmati Steam Rice Extra Long is a great option.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

Origin: Pakistan