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Moong Dall(Mung) 500g

Čočka Mungo půlená loupaná 500g


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Čočka Mungo půlená loupaná 500g


Čočka Mungo půlená loupaná 2kg


zdV4Mo5vCB [146.155.60.*]

01.10.2013 11:46


I have never done anything with mung beans execpt sprout them! I am so excited to try your ideas! I have been a whole food plant eater for a few years now and it is always funny when people question how I get what I need? I say do I look unhealthy? Could a 50 year old chic run and work like I do if I lacked in protein? It's so second nature to me now, but it is an interesting road to be on! Thanks for inspiring!